Meet the Team

Meet the people disrupting the online shopping market all in the name of making your shopping experience perfect from click to fit.

Isabella Pham Co-founder

BCommerce Co-op, Marketing and Finance | UNSW Australia

After too many failed attempts trying to purchase clothes online, Isabella almost gave up on the online shopping world, receding back to chaotic clothing racks, eerily lit changing rooms and suffocatingly long check-out lines. But that was before she teamed up to create PerfectFit, hoping to change the game for all online shopping experiences. When she’s not updating the website with cool content or creating videos, you can find her under a mountain pile of science fiction and philosophy books.

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Harrison Chen Co-founder

BCommerce/LLB, Business Strategy | UNSW Australia 

That crushing feeling of disappointment when a long awaited pair of shoes turns out to be three sizes too small is something that Harrison knows only too well. One person can only receive so many wrongly sized shoes before they give up, and decide to do something about it. So Harrison teamed up to create PerfectFit, in the hope that no one would have to feel this disappointment again. When he’s not analysing the market with the team, you can usually find him at a basketball court, running around in a perfectly fitting pair of shoes.

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Felipe Haddad Co-founder

Wharton Undergrad | University of Pennsylvania

Since he was a teen, Felipe toyed with the idea of integrating design, fashion, and business into a useful solution. When he ordered a shirt in his usual size that was too small, a lightbulb went out. Felipe has a background in strategy consulting, business development and marketing, all of which he will leverage to help you find the perfect fit.


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Sarah Valente Co-founder

BCommerce, Finance and Management | UNSW Australia

Every time you peek at Sarah’s computer screen, you’ll find a number of tabs open with the latest style trends. However, she has only pressed purchase once in her life out of fear of getting the size wrong. Sarah teamed up with PerfectFit to help businesses get it right when it comes to sizing their customers. She also wants to help consumers, like herself, overcome challenges of fit when shopping online. When Sarah isn’t organising partnerships with your favourite shopping brands, you’ll find her playing soccer or reading novels.

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Patricia Sullivan  Co-founder

B Advanced Science | UNSW Australia

Due to her busy schedule, Patricia doesn’t have the time to shop in-store! She would always anxiously await the arrival of the package, unsure if the clothes would really will fit like they were supposed to. She thought ‘If only there could be a way to make sure clothes fit when shopping online…’ After coming together to create PerfectFit, Patricia is free to hang out with friends and travel the world without worrying about ordering clothes online.